From beginning your studies with us, you will explore our world, delve into new worlds and build a cultural understanding through the rich texts we study.

We provide you with the ability to go beyond the pages and inspire you to pick up the pen and become the next great novelist, playwright or poet.

Literacy and Oracy skills are integral to the curriculum across all subjects at Baysgarth School. As a department, our aim is to create a passion for the English Language and a love of Literature.

Whilst studying, we aim to ensure that our pupils:

  • Read fluently and have a good understanding of a text they have accessed.

  • Read for enjoyment, learning about the world they inhabit through literature and be exposed to UK literary heritage.

  • Acquire a wide-ranging vocabulary and knowledge of linguistic and grammatical conventions which they can apply to their own writing and verbal communication.

  • Empower students by giving them the tools to write for a variety of purposes and audiences.

  • Are confident in the art of speaking and listening, developing oracy throughout the key stages.

Our Learning Journey

Curriculum Intent